A Most Unfortunate Time to Sleep

I must have been more tired than I realized. My friend had convinced me to go to the bookstore at the mall with her, but when I saw the enticing overstuffed armchair just waiting for me to sit in, I convinced her that I would wait for her there while she went looking for her book. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

And sleep I did. When I woke up, I was startled by the flashes of cameras going off in front of me. Disoriented, I glanced around the room and saw a large crowd of people excitingly waiting behind a barrier. The atmosphere was electric. As I looked further to my left, I saw a long table that hadn’t been there before. Several cool-looking dudes were sitting behind it.

I finally saw my friend frantically waving at me to join her. The area where I had been soundly sleeping was cordoned off, so she couldn’t reach me. I got up and hurried over to her. She was laughing hysterically.

It turned out that the event was an autograph session for the Polish rock band Myslovitz. And here I was, sleeping away as they set up the tables, the people gathered, and the musicians arrived. “I’m sure many people took your picture in that chair,” my friend said, chuckling. That’s not what I wanted to hear.

Moral of the story? Next time you’re in a store and see a comfortable chair that’s calling your name, beware! You might wake up with a rock band signing autographs next to you.

Photo: Carol Schlorff

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  1. Cherie

    SOooo funny….. I wish your friend had taken your picture too so you could include that picture 😁❤

    1. Carol

      Ha!ha! I don’t know if I would have published it 😉

  2. Marguarite

    Pretty funny, Carol! Did you get a picture with the band? Just kidding!!😉

    1. Carol

      Ha!Ha! If there was such a picture, NO ONE else would see it 😉

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