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About my blog, Bible and Soul

Do you desire to be encouraged and built up in your faith? Do you wonder how the Bible can be practical in our modern world? Do you want to learn more about Christianity?

Then Bible and Soul is for you. Together, we’ll explore spiritual truth to find answers to the questions that trouble us. We’ll learn how the Bible can give us the wisdom and guidance we need to navigate life safely.

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About Me

Carol’s passion is to make the Bible understandable and applicable to everyday life—to show that God’s Word answers our questions about our purpose for living. Over the years, she’s been involved in youth ministry, organizing language camps, and teaching English. More recently, she started this blog to encourage readers in their faith and has written an adventure novel for middle graders, How to Kill a Giant, published by Elk Lake Publishing Inc. in 2023.

Carol has always felt like an outsider. She was born in North Africa to American parents and grew up in France. At age 15, her family’s abrupt move to Philadelphia caused a rough transition to American life.

After graduating from Penn State, Carol joined the Army in search of adventure. She was stationed in exotic—for her—locations like California, Arizona, and Texas. When her time was up, she set off for Chicago to spend a year at Moody Bible Institute.

Carol enjoys caring for her cat, Tabasco, watching a good murder mystery, and getting nervous watching NFL games. Connect with her on her website or Facebook.

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