What's Christianity All About Anyway?

Christianity is often misunderstood. Some see it as a set of rules and regulations or a collection of religious rites that must be performed. For others, it’s a series of doctrines that must be confessed. Too many people view it as an institution determined to suck all joy out of life. But the reality is that Christianity is about one thing: relationship. It’s all about the reconciliation of humankind with its Creator, God.

It only takes one peek at the news to realize that something is wrong with the world. Even a simple activity as walking in the park will hint at the depravity of the human race when we see all the trash thrown about. An honest look into one’s own heart will also show evidence of evil – who has never been horrified by their own thoughts? Who hasn’t done something that they regret or knew was wrong when they did it?

That is why Jesus came to earth, God as man, to reconcile us to Himself. He knew we could never be good enough, strong enough, pure enough, religious enough, or anything enough to wipe away our sin, which separated us from Him. He took our punishment by dying on the cross, thereby opening the door for what Christianity is all about: a relationship with God, not only for now but for all eternity.

“What’s the catch?” you may ask. Good question! God does require one thing from us to take advantage of His incredible offer: faith in who Jesus is and what He has done.

Faith can be a nebulous term that is hard to understand, but for me, it has several related meanings: trust, belief, surrender, and repentance. I would compare it to giving God the steering wheel of my life. If He’s driving, then it’s obvious that I can’t. There can only be one driver at a time (unless you want to end up in an accident!). Giving Him the wheel is worth it. After all, He’s the only one who can see the road ahead.

So if we do religious activities like going to church to worship, or if we abide by God’s moral standards, we do it because of our relationship with Him. We do it as an expression of our love. Without relationship, those things become empty and without meaning.

I find it amazing that God, the Creator of the universe, would go to such great lengths to have a relationship with you and me. His love for us has no limits, and He extends his hand of friendship to us, but the choice to accept or not is ours.

May I interrupt you for a second?

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